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House Boat Holidays in India

India is one country which offers wide range of fascinating vacation theme to choose from. House boat holiday in the recent year has acquired immense popularity in the tourism sector. Holidaying in these majestic house boats, tourists will have a unique experience as it hovers around slowly. House boat usually play a dual role. They serve as human dwelling and as tourists vacation homes. In India, house boat is mostly used for the tourists vacation purposes.

Kerala and Kashmir are the two states where house boat are extensively used for the tourists vacation purpose. These two state has been blessed with lot of natural beauty. Kashmir is known for mighty Himalayas. Snow covered mountain and majestic terrain has always attracted large number of travelers to this mesmerizing state. Kerala on other hand is famous for backwaters and sensuous beaches. The state is also blessed lush green tropical rain forest.

This small state of India is one of the most frequented places. Each year tourists from all over the world visit this wonderful state. There are many travel attractions which bring these tourists to Kerala. The state has very long coastline and boasts of some ravishing beaches. Equally charismatic is tropical rain forests of the state. Various hill stations present on the towering Western Ghat is simply awesome.

Apart from these the backwaters of Kerala, with many houseboats,attract large number of tourists.
Kerala's house boat is quite unique and is known as Kettuvalloms. Beside looking stunning, these house boats are eco-friendly and are made up of bamboo poles, coconut fiber, ropes, bamboo mats, carpets etc. Today these house boats are used for the leisure purpose but during the olden days they were used for the commercial purposes.

Facilities offered
Most of the house boat measures up to 80 feet in length and are anchored in various backwaters. These house boats have all the facilities that a modern hotel provide. Well furnished bedrooms, modern toilets, comfortable living room, a kitchen and even balcony to laze around. Each house boat is supported by a crew which include cook, guide and oarsman. Some of the luxury houseboats have air condition facilities. Every room will have attached bathrooms, wardrobe and luggage compartment. Safety jackets are also available in most houseboats. Fishing rods, painting, sketch pads and music system are also available in many of these houseboats.

As these house boats passes through various lagoons, lakes and rivers visitors will get incredible chance to see various inland navigation. This journey also gives chance to tourists to experience the rural villages of Kerala and to feel near to the mother nature. Passing through the tropical green forests in slow moving house boat can be simply breathtaking. At night with shining moon light visitors can enjoy the excellent view of areas. Lazing in the balcony of the house boat, tourists can count stars and have some special moments with their near ones. Specially for the newly wedded couples house boat holiday in the backwaters of Kerala will be simply unforgettable experience.

Destinations covered
This house boat tour passes through many astonishing destinations of state like Kollam, Alappuzha, Kumarakom, Kochi, etc. There are many routes on which these houseboats cruise and the most popular cruise is from Kollam to Alappuzha.

''If there is any heaven on earth, 'it is here, it is here, it is here," was how Mughal Emperor, Jehangir, described after visiting this charming state of Jammu and Kashmir. This state is famous for its natural beauty since time immemorial, with presence of majestic Himalaya adding to its charm. Because of the alluring scenic beauty, Kashmir is very often referred as the "Switzerland of East". Its beauty has inspired many poets to pen innumerable number of romantic poets.

Srinagar, which is the official summer capital of state is an enticing tourists destination. Besides many scenic places, house boat of Dal Lake is the most popular tourist attraction of state. Houseboats also floats in Nagin and Anchar lake. Small house boats popularly known as "Shikara", for long have been used as means of transportation by the ordinary Kashmiri's. Some of the houseboats of Srinagar were built as early as 19th century. These houseboats have been categorized based on the facilities available. Those floating in the Dal lake varies from deluxe to D class, while in Nagin lake majority are of luxury class.

Facilities offered
House boats of Srinagar are mostly beautifully decorated. Lot of traditional Kashmiri handicrafts have been used for decoration, with modern fittings and furnishings complimenting it. There is lounge, dining room and bedrooms with attached bathrooms. These rooms are quite spacious and come with all the basic luxurious amenities. In each room there is satellite connected televisions along with DVD and CD player. There is also individual heating and cooling systems. There is a provision for hot drinking water. Tourists can choose from the array of multi-cuisines available on boat.

Each houseboat has a cook and care taker to cater to the needs of the tourists. There is a balcony and sun deck for tourists to hang around and have excellent glimpse.

Srinagar is one of most beautiful places. Through out the year this city welcomes many tourists. Houseboats take visitors through various stunning lakes and magnificent Jhelum river which passes through Srinagar. Cruising along these boats offer great chance to the visitors to have best view of the picturesque Srinagar. The soothing climate and chilly wind blowing across kapal patroli, this house boat cruise will be remembered forever.

Houseboats cruise in Dal lake is the most popular among all. This lake is divided into two parts with smaller one named Lokut (small) and bigger one Bod (big) Dal. There are some small islands in Dal with fertile soil and many vegetables are grown in these floating gardens. Cruising along Dal can be lifetime experience and it is best place to know people of this beautiful state. Snow capped mountain which surrounds Srinagar can viewed beautifully from these houseboats.

Destinations Covered
Houseboat cruise will take visitors to scenic lakes like Dal, Nagin and Anchar. These lakes are always teemed with the visitors. River Jhelum which floats through Srinagar also houses large number of houseboats.

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